Mr. Bailey, thank you for pushing me my senior year of high school. Although I constantly second guessed myself on where I wanted to go to college, I am so unbelievably happy and grateful that I can call Lafayette my home. I would not be at this college, let alone an Orientation Leader for this College, if it weren't for you. Thank you for believing in me and for always having my back. I could not have done this without you. - Aidan

Dear Mr. Bailey,

I would like to thank you for your professional guidance and support on Matthew's college destination. As you know, Matthew has been accepted to UPenn and on waitlist with Harvard and Yale. I am very pleased and appreciate your help especially while I am in out of state. Matthew is very lucky to have excellent  guidance like you and my family really appreciates your help during past 4 years. Again thank you for everything you have done for Matthew! - Laura

We are so happy about Jennifer’s early decision acceptance to Fairfield!  Jennifer is so excited to have been accepted to her first choice school. She worked so hard & it paid off by being accepted to Fairfield, Susquehanna, Quinnipiac & Scranton. Having Jennifer & Nolan at the same school is just the icing on the cake for us. Thank you so much for all of your help.  You made this college application process so much easier for us – twice! - Peter

Mr. Bailey, I wanted to let you know that James has been accepted to a number of good schools, and has chosen to attend Loyola Maryland.  I am very aware that this would not have been possible without your tireless support for James. I will stop by your office in the coming days to thank you in person, but wanted you to know that you have made a huge impact in Michael’s life,  he knows it, and so do we. Thank you. -Jayne


Wanted to reach out and let you know that you are really doing a great job.  Listening to your presentation last night and how you answered the questions, I was really impressed with how you have such a command for all the variables and statistics and trends - you really know your stuff and that comes through loud and clear.  

Your answer to my question re: how to define a "match" school really helped me to understand what is going on in this climate. I know I'm not the only one who sees this, but I wanted to let you know while it was fresh in my head. Thanks for all you do! - Mary 

Hi Mr. Bailey,

I am excited to let you know that I was accepted to the Fordham University graduate school of education, and will be starting this week to get my degree in School Counseling! I wanted to thank you so much again for your help writing me a letter of recommendation, I could not have done it without you! I hope all is well and I look forward to staying in touch. - Anne

Mr. Bailey, 

 I wanted to echo Mark’s gratitude for your assistance in his college process.  I have never seen him so happy or proud over anything in his life. As I have offered before, should you ever require parental testimony for the yourself, please feel free to call on us. - Joe 

Mr. Bailey,


Just a quick note to thank you once again for this morning…we appreciate you coordinating everything and what a special experience to be able to share! 


To echo Martha's earlier sentiments, I too, would like to thank you for supporting, mentoring and guiding John along this journey.  He has always looked up to you and having you there to share in both of these ‘wins’ has been incredibly special for not only Martha and I…but most of all John. - Bill